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Little Hawk Productions presents
a film by John Pritchard & Greg Reeves
featuring Kenneth Little Hawk and Jack Thompson


Be Humane. We Are All Connected. We Are One Human Family.

Written & Directed by Award-winning Director, John Pritchard
Produced by Kenneth & Beverly Little Hawk
Executive Producer: Greg Reeves
Filmed by Award-winning Cinematographer, Paul Tait,
and Award-winning "Kanyini" Director, Melanie Hogan.

ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT celebrates indigenous wisdom by promoting respect and equality for all human beings, as well as respect for the Earth with its incredible biodiversity of animals and plants.

"Many of us have forgotten about being humane, and that's what ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT is working at: to bring the humanity back to each and every one of our behaviors, here and all around the world." — Kenneth Little Hawk


While materialism and environmental devastation rule the day, we can no longer afford to treat ourselves as the center of the Universe. It is now time for non-indigenous people to learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters and become more spiritually connected to one another and the Earth. We must be kind to all and respect all life! We are part of a wonderful world and need to help one another and act together as a family. It is this very act of loving service to others that lies at the heart of indigenous wisdom. Being generous of spirit has many benefits, from creating better relationships to making the world a more harmonious, peaceful place: Be humane. We are all connected. We are one Human Family.

Filmed at the three day Aboriginal Garma Festival in the northern territory of Australia, ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT introduces us to Native American Mi'kmaq/Mohawk performing artist Kenneth Little Hawk who travels half-way around the world to Australia where he meets legendary movie star, Jack Thompson. In North East Arnhem Land, Jack introduces Little Hawk to the oldest surviving culture on the planet: the 40,000 year old Aboriginal people of the Yolngu nation. At the annual Garma Festival, the Yolngu people greet Little Hawk with open arms as if he were a family member. He plays his flute and shares his Native American stories with everyone he meets: Djalu, the Didgeridoo master; Djiniyini, the wise Yolngu elder; Dr. Yunupingu, Garma co-founder, Australian of the Year and Yothu Yindi lead singer; Ms. Yunupingu, the artist and healer; Timmy, the tour guide; the Grandmothers; Kim Beazley, the Australian Ambassador to the United States; and Galarrwuy, Garma co-founder and Australian of the Year who is officially recognized as an Australian National Treasure.

Can we create a kinder world and really come together in harmony as one human family? Can we be more humane? Absolutely! As long as we can curb our egos and follow the wisdom of indigenous people, humanity will prevail.


The film had its International Premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on July 15, 2017 and won the award for Best Indigenous Documentary. The movie will be on a World Tour of Colleges and Universities during 2018 and 2019. Directed by John Pritchard, produced by Little Hawk Productions, Eternal Ways, and Executive Producer, Greg Reeves. Available in running times of 36 and 60 minutes, 2016, USA/Australia, documentary in English.



"The One Heart movie provides historical insight into one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures in northern Australia while simultaneously speaking to the very important issue of human diversity and caring for the environment. It’s great to hear this movie will be reaching college students all over the world.”
- Magnus Bernhardsson, Williams College Professor of History and Global Studies

"Everyone should see this movie; it does important work. One Heart, One Spirit invites the viewer to join Kenneth Little Hawk, North American Indigenous Storyteller and Musician as he journeys half way around the world to meet with the 40,000-year-old Yolngu tribe. Its’ truths may appear simple--respect all living beings; be less materialistic; act with compassion, consideration and kindness—but those who listen fully, with an engaged heart and mind, will be richly rewarded. With the Yolngu people speaking the way, The One Heart, One Spirit movie allows a glimpse of a future full of hope and love. More importantly, it offers insight and instruction in a way of life that can lead there."
- Emily Zukerberg, J.D., Advocate for Environmental Justice and Economic Equity

"There is a shift taking place on planet earth. Whether it is business, academia or government, the next generation wants something new....something human. They can feel it deep within. One Heart - One Spirit shares this awakening by going back to the oldest living indigenous people on the planet; the Aboriginal people of the Yolngu Nation. Be prepared for the beauty and majesty of this documentary as it awakens your heart... as it did mine."
- Brad Szollose, Global Business Adviser and Best-Selling Author of Liquid Leadership

“A tour de force! Positive and life-changing, this educational film shows how the ancient wisdom of connectivity to all life on earth can inspire humanity to make more humane choices toward our planet and one another.”
- Anne Tantalo, Author/Coach, BrainPower Coaching

“One Heart, One Spirit is an awesome film, exploring the spirit of some awe-inspiring people! Their ancient message of unity and compassion is one whose time has truly come! The film makers and Kenneth Little Hawk do an excellent job of creating a truly global story with truly world-wide implications. Little Hawk, the renowned Native American story-teller is the ever present glue to the film. He is the "cultural ambassador", whose genuine and warm spirit, effortlessly demonstrates how much more similar we all are than different, regardless of where on the globe we happen to be from. He is the welcoming, good-hearted, bridge between worlds that makes you want to believe that we are all truly, one. Watch this film, if you dare to walk away feeling less cynical and more connected.”
- Perry Vayo, Academy Award winning screenwriter, Media Producer

"ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT shows us the need to discover the threads and emotions that bind different cultures together, the harmony we need to ward off an apocalyptic future. Underneath the unnatural boundaries societies have created to mark their ways, their means, their lands, lies nations peopled by individuals who should seek the togetherness understood by the first nations. One Heart explores these themes by documenting the journey of Little Hawk, a Native North American, to the renowned Garma festival, Australia’s most significant Indigenous event, and a model for self-determination, reconciliation, Indigenous knowledge sharing, transfer and exchange."
- David Greenberg, Director of Marketing, Music Works International

"The film was an outstanding introduction to the Yolngu people in a careful, thoughtful and respectful way. My students were riveted to the film and really excited to discuss it afterwards. The interweaving of the two cultures worked magically together to bring out the commonalities they and we all share, and to explain so well the many important messages of the film.”
- Jess Le Vine, Brookdale College Professor of History

“Best movie I have ever seen!... it’s all about humanity!”
- George “Circling Eagle” Tooks, Actor, Singer

“This movie is wise, spiritual, and all about us being one Human Family. It will give the young people hope about what direction to go. The truth is our real mother is Mother Earth and there is no waiting... we must save the Earth now!”
- Rich Damone, Educator and Musician

“Great to see the harmony between all the people... from the North and South, and East and West!”
- Viggo Mortensen, Actor, Poet, Artist, Musician

“The overall message of peace and unity is wonderful and the photography of the aboriginal people is beautiful.”
- Matt Bosson, Writer, Director, Producer

“It's an excellent documentary... very authentically shot and the choices of interactions were diverse... the music is really good... Great film."
- Bill Elberty, Founder and Coordinator of the QUEST Program for "at risk" students in grades 9-12.

“This film has such a positive message. And it manages to convey it without stepping on a lot of toes.” 
- Charlie Tokarz, Educator and Musician

“What a beautiful and seamless movie about indigenous wisdom. It's a very compelling message that the entire world needs to embrace.”
- Gene Carletta, Electric Boat Designer, Owner of Blue Planet Catamarans

"The cinematography was exceptional - it really worked to bring out the messages in the film."
- Jennifer Yanibelli, Brookdale College Video Producer

“The film shows what being compassionate is all about: the strong sense of family and mutual respect, the acceptance of all life unconditionally and the power of positive thought.”
- Native American Studies student

"The way in which the people in the film talked about life and humankind was very captivating - you can easily connect on a personal level.”
- Native American Studies student

"The theme of togetherness and continuity is strong throughout the film.”
- Sociology student

"The cultural commonalities between American and Australian original peoples really comes through!“
- Sociology student


ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT: Bringing indigenous and non-indigenous people together in harmony.

Kenneth Little Hawk
Kenneth Little Hawk

Kenneth Little Hawk

Kenneth Little Hawk is a Native American cultural treasure who teaches that "we can make choices to live in harmony with one another and we can make choices to live in harmony with the environment." He is a Native American storyteller, keynote speaker, recording artist and actor, descending from the Mi'kmaq and Mohawk tribes. He has been a guest of the President and performed at the White House for a special screening of the PBS film, "Lewis & Clark." Touring throughout the world over the past 30 years, Little Hawk has performed for over three million people at many distinguished locations including Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. His voice and authentic flute music can be heard in such award-winning PBS films as "The West" and "Lewis & Clark" produced by acclaimed director, Ken Burns.

Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson

Australian actor Jack Thompson is a true humanitarian. He is the official ambassador for the Garma Festival and the Yothu Yindi Foundation. He has been awarded the Australian Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Film Entertainment. He has also been Inducted into the Australian Film Walk of Fame. Jack is best known for his performances in Breaker Morant (1980), The Man from Snowy River (1982), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997), Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones (2002); Leatherheads (2008); Australia (2008); Mao's Last Dancer (2009); Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010); Mystery Road (2013); The Great Gatsby (2013); and Don't Tell (2017). At the Cannes Film Festival, Jack was awarded Best Supporting Actor and won the Australian Film Institute's Best Actor award for his role in Breaker Morant.

The Yolngu People
The Yolngu People

The Yolngu People

The Yolngu are caught up in a daily struggle to protect their culture that has survived for 40,000 years. The Garma Festival, which started in 1999, aims to give both non-indigenous and Indigenous people an opportunity to share in this ancient culture and knowledge about the land. The festival takes place at Gulkula, a site which overlooks the Gulf of Carpentaria, and which has profound meaning for the Yolngu people, its traditional owners. They believe that it was here that their ancestor Ganbulabula first created the didgeridoo, known as the Yidaki. North East Arnhem land is regarded as a heartland of Aboriginal culture and land rights. The Yolngu place great importance not only on upholding traditional ways of hunting and gathering, but also on preserving their link to the land through stories, painting, music and dance. Their land, their culture, and their lives are all one... one heart, one spirit!


John Pritchard, Director
John Pritchard, Eternal Ways

I first met Little Hawk in New York City in 1995 when we formed a World Music band called Sinh-Tala with Little Hawk on flutes, Australian musician Greg Reeves on guitars, and myself on drums, keyboards and percussion. We played live shows in Greenwich Village, Union Square, and outside of the city as far south as Red Hook, NJ. The music was an innovative mixture of Native American, jazz and rock genres that came together in an album we recorded in 1996 called “First Light.” Greg and I spent many hours overdubbing tracks and post producing the album which largely revolved around the incredible flute playing of Little Hawk. As if by some divine plan, all these years later, I am happy to report that the entire “First Light,” album has become the soundtrack for this movie. (available on iTunes)

The band lasted until 1997 when I moved up to Boston and worked as an art director/animator/video producer for the $100 million website featuring new filmmakers and musicians. A few years later, Greg moved back to Sydney, Australia while Ken continued performing his Little Hawk Show with his wife Beverly (who has been his creative partner and business manager for over 30 years). The Little Hawk Show teaches respect for all people and the environment through Native American stories, music and dance. It was in 2006 that Greg set up a six-week Australian tour for the Little Hawk Show which led to Jack Thompson inviting Little Hawk and Beverly up to the Garma Festival to meet the Yolngu people in North East Arnhem Land.

Realizing the significance of a Native American performing artist like Little Hawk meeting the first peoples of Australia, Greg hired award-winning cinematographer, Paul Tait, and award-winning director, Melanie Hogan, to record this once-in-a-lifetime event. The production team filmed over 35 hours of incredible footage, but for a variety of reasons, it was never edited into a full feature movie. Since I had already directed several films featuring Little Hawk, I asked Greg to send me the raw footage and I began working on the project in 2014.

It has taken over two years to go through all the footage and produce a finished film with Beverly, Ken, Greg and Jack. I love the positive message. Hopefully, you will feel the same after watching the above trailers and will support the movie by joining our mailing list below. Our goal is to reach a worldwide audience of college students and compassionate people of every nation to promote respect and equality for all human beings and take better care for the Earth.

It has been such a privilege to put this movie together and learn about the incredibly friendly spirit of the Yolngu people. After many long years, Australia is moving closer to officially recognizing Aboriginal Australians as equal citizens. It is time for all non-indigenous people to respect, collaborate and make new friendships with the 400 million indigenous peoples around the world. We truly are one human family and I hope you can share ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT with your friends so we can all come together to help create a kinder world!

We are very excited about having won "Best Indigenous Documentary" at the 2017 Melbourne Documentary FIlm Festival and have been organizing our 2018-19 ONE HEART World Tour to colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT is a non-profit 501(c)3 project and I invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution below. Please help us share indigenous wisdom, through the power of film. Thanks in advance for your support.

John Pritchard
February 7, 2018

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